A common remark that echoes throughout the workplace is, “There aren’t enough hours in the day!” Traditional bookkeeping is no exception. It requires tedious data entry and time-consuming ‘discovery’ procedures. Clarity Cloud offers an end-to-end bookkeeping service that closes the gap between front-of-house and back-of-house dealings for restaurants, pubs, clubs and hotels.

Clarity Management Group has been around for 20 years, and since it launched its cloud-based service Clarity Cloud in 2016, we’ve been able to help pub and restaurant groups streamline their processes so they run like clockwork. If you’re thinking about moving your bookkeeping to the cloud, here are a few ways Clarity Cloud can help.


Improving productivity

The aim of the game is productivity. Clarity Cloud expedites the financial side of your business. We process your data off site with automated invoice capture (as simple as scanning your invoices to us for processing into your cloud-based accounting platform) and accessible to you at any time.

This reduces keystrokes by up to 80 percent, and, as a result, cuts your processing time down. Something every business dreams of!



With manual bookkeeping, often everyone has their fingers in different pots. Staff can often have overlapping roles doing a little bit of marketing, office administration, working on the floor – with no one person completely focused on just their role. If a bookkeeper can’t deliver time-bound reports, it’s easy to blame these other responsibilities. But that doesn’t happen with a specialised, outsourced bookkeeper, such as Clarity Cloud.

Clarity’s bookkeepers are specialised in hospitality. We allocate your business with one of our dedicated and experienced bookkeepers, who turn around an  accurate and time-bound service, so you can focus on running your business.


Time saving and upskilling

This creates a positive domino effect – trimming operational administration frees up a lot of yours and your staff’s time. You can redeploy your staff so they can upskill and carry out more meaningful functions, like management reporting. With manual data entry out the door and Clarity Cloud’s bookkeepers doing the work from our end, you as the manager are able to step back and start looking at the business through a visionary lens.

Because Clarity Cloud frees up your time in administrative tasks, this means management is able to spend more valuable facetime on the floor. This aligns with the 80/20 rule of running a seamless business – 80 per cent of time in operations and 20 per cent on admin.



The world is entering a technological revolution – cloud computing and artificial intelligence (AI) are at the forefront. Clarity Cloud uses this technology to create a seamless, cost-effective way of improving how your hospitality business operates.

We simplify your technology needs, really stripping it back so essentially all you’d need is a computer, scanner and an internet connection! This reduces your hardware costs, labour and overheads.

We’re moving towards a paperless world. All your records will be stored digitally. This will save you valuable storage, so you can downsize your office space. It also means that instead of thumbing through countless files looking for that needle in a haystack, a simple search will bring up your records at the touch of a button.

Elia and Paul, from Dick’s Hotel in Balmain Sydney, say their lives have been made easier since using Clarity Cloud. “We’ve reduced our floor space in our office, so basically all we have now is a scanner and our man power at the pub,” Elia says. And the room they had used to store all of their paperwork is now being used as a function room!

And whether you prefer Xero, MYOB or AccPac, is no issue because Clarity Cloud interfaces with all major accounting platforms.



Traditional bookkeeping methods would have meant that as you grow your business, you’d have to increase your staff, invoices and other back-end administrative work, causing your employees to be overloaded. Clarity Cloud’s automated invoice capture is not affected in the same way because key invoice data is fed straight into our system with unlimited data storage at no extra cost.


It all comes down to this…

Despite the obvious lean towards technology and automation, Clarity Cloud favours a more personalised experience. Not only in the fact that it frees up your time, as the manager, for front-end activity, but also in that we have a team of dedicated, experienced and locally based bookkeepers. We’re readily available to help you over the phone or on site to help with troubleshooting. We specialise in the hospitality industry. And most importantly, we do this because we are as passionate about our business as you are of yours.